Damara Management: 2011 Edition: Upbreeding Tips 2011
RMIT University Report: Fat Content of Damara Lamb
Meatmasters: Breed Standards

Leap into your Sheepmeat Future

Taking Damaras to the world
Hall Damara producing elite quality Damara genetics
  • Damara for Profitability
  • Highly Productive Meat Producer
  • Hair sheep - minimal handling
  • Lambing Intervals 8 Monthly
  • Highly Efficient Forager
  • Unique Herding Instinct

Hall Damara has seen the potential the Damara sheep has to return profitability to farming operations across Australia.

Large Elite Genetic Pool

We are firmly committed to expanding our own operation and developing the industry, we have the expertise and infrastructure to provide a wide range of products and associated services.